"Light Hill is a compassionate comfort care home supporting the terminally ill. Our caring home affirms life, hope and meaning for all who enter: our guests approaching the final stages of life, their families, visitors, staff and volunteers."


Our purpose at Light Hill (CCCH,Inc) is to provide loving, compassionate, specialized care for those who are terminally ill and for their families and loved ones.



The expert care we give to residents and families is the result of a united team effort. Families are encouraged to give input as together we plan, deliver and evaluate the health care needs of your loved one.



TOTE BAG TENT SALE III — Wednesday, July 22, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Light Hill, 5160 Parrish St. Ext., Canandaigua.



The care we provide our residents and their loved ones at Light Hill is free of charge. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Light Hill receives no third-party funding.


“WHO’S BEHIND THAT MASK?” Now through July 24, play our community-spirited name game and support Light Hill at the same time. Correctly identify 20 masked community leaders and win a chance at a $150 gift package. Details and Download

Please note: “With support from the board, a decision has been made to temporarily close Light Hill.  In the best interest of our community, future residents, volunteers and staff, we are committed to help minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. We are hoping to open again soon. Thank you for your understanding!” — Suzanne Underhill, Executive Director Light Hill

Hospice care is about more than helping people die with dignity, it’s about helping them live out life with love.

From the documentary “Serving LIfe”


Our volunteers are the heart of our home, and our greatest need. Do you have a caring and compassionate heart? If so, you’ve already met the basic requirements and we welcome you to consider taking on this meaningful role at the most profound time in a person’s life. No medical experience is necessary and we will provide practical training in advance of your service.