Light Hill


Our purpose at Light Hill (Canandaigua Comfort Care Home, Inc.) is to provide loving, compassionate, specialized care for those who are terminally ill and for their families and loved ones. Our open and welcoming home is full of light, hope and positive energy, and is an alternative to nursing home, hospital or home care.

Our primary focus is to ensure the richest possible experience for residents and their loved ones as they approach the final stages of life.

The comfort care we provide focuses on pain control, symptom management and safety. We also seek to support our resident guests and their families as they adjust to the emotional and spiritual challenges they may experience.

Our goal is to affirm and support life, hope, and meaning for all who enter. We believe it’s where families and friends can find light through the trees and hope through the shadows.

You can find us at 5160 Parrish St. Ext. in Canandaigua, New York.