The Evolution of Light Hill

The concept of bringing a comfort care home to Canandaigua was on the minds of many who had been associated or involved with end-of-life care.  The Canandaigua Churches in Action took this to the next level by hosting a community meeting in the spring of 2012 at Wood Library to see if the idea was viable. The meeting was well attended and a group was formed to move the effort forward.

A dedicated group began the process of applying for non-profit 501(c)3 designation. A governing board of eleven members was formed to oversee and help move this community project forward.  Advice and lessons were learned from other comfort care homes we visited over the next year.

In late spring 2013, the group decided to start looking for properties; some houses in our lakeside community as well as our current home were considered. Upon entering the home on the hill at 5160 Parrish Street Extension, we knew this was the ONE!  However, we had a small problem . . . no substantial financial base! This did not deter Mary Brady, who learned that an international antique tractor auction, with hundreds of tractors and enthusiasts from around the world, would be taking place September 2013, just down the hill from our home at the Erdle Farm. Mary made it her mission to meet Jim and Anne Erdle weeks before the auction took place. She explained comfort care, two-bed homes, the hospice philosophy of care, and just what our group was trying to accomplish.At the same time, our committee started various fundraising activities and shared presentations, increasing the awareness of our mission. As it turns out, Mary was a good talker and most convincing! Following Jim’s auction and subsequent conversations with Mary, a check was gifted in April 2014 to our committee in order to purchase our home on Parrish Street Extension! The Canandaigua Comfort Care Home Inc. was granted non-profit designation and became a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization later that year. Many donations, large and small, propelled the effort forward.

Renovations began September 2014 to transform the house into our home. Primarily through the efforts of steadfast volunteers and contractors donating time, expertise, materials, or reduced cost of labor, significant interior and exterior changes enhanced and prepared Light Hill which opened early 2016. This home is full of positive energy and light! We have created a supportive family of more than 100 hands-on volunteers, all of whom have completed end-of-life care training. We are seeing “light through the trees and hope through the shadows” as we carry out our mission to serve those nearing end of life.